Houdini Tutorial Procedural Modeling [escalator]

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Procedural Modeling in Houdini. [escalator]

What you will learn:
In this tutorial you will learn the procedural modeling from fundamentals to advanced level.
In the first part we will start to create the escalator elements and gradually we will move to more advanced procedural modeling techniques.
In this part you will also study:
How to create vertex mask in Houdini for UE5 materials.
How to add rig and export animated steps.
How to add collision, and assign UE5 materials.
In the second part you will study more advanced techniques of procedural modeling, tools development (1_Group Select, 2_ProceduralBox With Cables) and procedural uv creation.
We will also create procedural uv for trim textures.

Group Select Tool

Procedural Modeling in Houdini. [escalator]

Video Presentation:

What's Inside?
40 Video Chapters.
14 Hours of Lessons.
Houdini 19 Project Files.
Unreal Engine 5 Project Files.
HDA Procedural Escalator.
HDA Cable Generator.
Tool Group Select.

Unreal Engine 5 Project Files

Part 1
0. Intro
1. Railing Start
2. Raililngs Base
3. Handrail
4. Balustrade
5. Exterior Panel
6. Deck Base
7. Steps
8. Truss
9. Low Deck Interior
10. Landing Floor Plate
11. Mirror Balustrade
12. Add Parameter Interface
13. Preview
14. Collision Geo
15. UE5 Materials
16. Vertex Mask
17. Stairs Animation
18. Generating and Animating the Steps
Part 2
19. Middle Upper Railing
20. Group Select Intro
21. Group Select by Direction
22. Group Select by Axis Intersection
23. Guide Geometry
24. Creating ProceduralBox With Cables
25. Lower Module
26. Panel With Holes
27. Lower Module Cables
28. Lower Module Margin
29. Lower Module Cables
30. Apply Xform to Lower Module
31. Newel Panel 1
32. For Ray Project
33. Generation of External Cables
34. Newel Panel 2
35. Led Panel 1
36. Led Panel 2
37. Adding Additional Elements
38. Add Parameter Interface Led
39. Create Procedural UV
40. UE5 Materials

Procedural Modeling in Houdini-Part 1

Procedural Modeling in Houdini-Part 2

Houdini 19
Unreal Engine 5

Minimum Requirements:
This tutorial is perfect for beginners to advanced Houdini users. Is required some experience with the software to be comfortable with its UI, base tools and navigation.

Narrated, with audio commentary.

Contact /feedback /help:

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Procedural Modeling in Houdini.

Video Chapters
Hours of Lessons
Project File
Houdini 19.5
Project File
Unreal Engine 5
HDA Procedural Escalator
HDA Cable Generator
Tool Group Select
Further tutorial updates.
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Houdini Tutorial Procedural Modeling [escalator]

59 ratings
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